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Cleaning Green

We use green cleaning products and are happy to discuss your desire for green cleaning in your home.These are fantastic, organic cleaning products that we use, and encourage our clients, family and friends to use them as well. They are safe, economical and leave your house with a real clean feel to it. They leave no bleach smell behind it. Actually, they are odorless. They work from inside out. This means the more time we use the product to clean built-up dirt, each time the results are better. I have never seen anything like Get Clean.

If you wish to use our product, you can purchase them or pay a small supply fee and we will provide these products on every cleaning visit to your home. Below are some examples of cleaning with these products. We update our site and our Facebook Page often with new examples. They are taken on site and posted with our customers permission, while we are doing the work.

To learn about Get Clean products, please click on the “Shaklee Get Clean” link above for a complete tour of the wonderful world of Get Clean Products!!!

Because at I Bring You Perfection, we believe in cleaning, not intoxicating your home.




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