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Refer A Friend

How Our Referral Program Works:
At I Bring You Perfection, we appreciate the relationship with our costumers and friends. And, as a token of this appreciation, we have developed a referral program that rewards our customers, friends or just anyone that help us to connect our services to new customers.

Customers referral program:
When you are pleased with the service you receive, you tend to recommend it to the people you know. Why not get rewarded for doing so?

For each new client we get from your referral we will give you 10% off your next cleaning.
Friends referral program:
Even if you are not one of our customers, but you know us and you have heard of our services, and how someone you know could benefit from it, why not make the connection and get a little something for it?

We will give you 10% of the regular cleaning value from each client we start servicing from your referral.

There is no limit on how many referrals we would honor. The more business we get, the more rewards we will give you. Because our success is a reflexion of your satisfaction…






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