House Cleaning Services

Your home is unique as well as your needs so we make sure that we completely understand all of your specific needs when we first come to your home. That way we can customize our services to your cleaning needs.

Our house cleaning process: 

Each room of your home is inspected and discussed with a clear understanding of what you need each time we clean. Bathrooms and kitchens are critical cleaning areas of the home, but we don’t skimp on details in other areas of your home either. Our goal is to provide you cleaning services you can depend on everytime with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

General Dusting & Cleaning

Dust all around ceiling corners, light fixtures and crown moldings (where reachable) for cob webs and baseboards, doors and window trims with swiffer duster.

Dust both sides of wood blinds and front of honey comb blinds and all types of shades and window treatment with swiffer duster, lift them to wipe latch area and window bases. Put blinds back down and align all of them to the same position for a harmonious room view.

Dust all picture frames, art work, Knick-knacks, vases, lamps and decorating objects on walls and furniture (unless you specifically ask not to touch something),wipe off the light switches and dust the ceiling fans.

Wipe clean door knob area and visible finger prints marks on doors and around the house. The inside of glass doors are dusted and cleaned as needed. If front door has a glass storm door, it will be cleaned inside and out.

General Furniture Cleaning

Clean wood furniture with a damp and a dry microfiber towel. TV cabinet should be clean inside and out. If the door is closed, it should be opened to dust TV, clean the area around it, the cable box, DVD player and surrounding areas (your personal belongings, CDs, papers and things of the kind are not necessarily rearranged or organized).

Depending on the type of fabric, couches/sofas are wiped clean with microfiber towel and some are vacuumed. All couches/sofas, upholstered chairs and lounges should have cushions lifted to inspect and, if necessary, cleaned under. Leather couches/sofas, chairs and lounges are cleaned with damp microfiber towel. If necessary, the organic all purpose cleaner will be used to clean grease from it – the product is safe and won’t damage the leather. The pillows should be put back on couches/sofas in a attractive manner. Blankets folded, put over couch arm or the way you prefer, just tell us.

Glass tables are cleaned with organic glass cleaner and paper towel. In some cases, only a damp and dry microfiber towel will be used ( on side tables or decorating pieces where dirt and grease don’t get to it – it is better for the furniture if it does not need any type of cleaning solution).

Floor & Carpet Cleaning

Vacuum and roll all small, loose rugs around the house. The big rugs or if part of it is under furniture will be vacuumed and only the corners will be lifted to vacuum under.

Vacuum all carpeted and hard surface floors. If the vacuum fits under any furniture, it should be vacuumed. We need at least 3 to 4 inches of space between floor and furniture to fit the vacuum hand piece under it.

Hardwood floors are moped with microfiber mop and organic floor cleaner. In some cases, a damp towel rolled around sponge mop will be used. It will depend on each different floor needs.

Mud areas, basement or any kind of entrance you use to get in your house will receive the same treatment as specified above.


Bed sheets will be changed if you leave clean sheets on the bed. Otherwise, the bed will be made with the sheets that are on it. It will be arranged to look nice. Please give us your input on how you like the bed made if you desire. In childrens’ bedrooms, some stuffed animals will be playing a important role in making the bed “look nice”. It is important that your children don’t leave an exaggerated amount of stuffed animals on the bed or floor, otherwise it won’t look presentable when everything is cleaned and organized.

We will do our best to place shoes on a shoe rack if there are not too many on the floor. Shoe racks will be rearranged to be cleaned and the area around it. Otherwise, shoes will be moved to clean the area around it and put back as they were.


Bathroom floors are usually cleaned by hand with disinfectant solution. Each bathroom floor will be cleaned as necessary. It will be discussed on your estimate.

Sinks, vanities and bathroom countertops are cleaned, disinfected and dried. All decorating pieces on countertop should be dusted. Mirrors cleaned, faucets cleaned and shined. Wall area around faucets and front of cabinets are wiped cleaned with organic degreaser solution applied with damp microfiber towel and dried. Toilets are cleaned and disinfected inside and out. Wall around toilet and water hose are wiped clean.

Tubs and shower are cleaned/scrubbed as needed, mildew killing solutions applied prior cleaning/scrubbing it.

If desired, no abrasive cleaners will be used on tub/shower to avoid scratching the material.

The organic cleaner we use to scrub tub/shower has a very fine sanded aspect. It is safe on most surfaces and it is a very powerful cleaner. I truly recommend it. If you prefer not to use it, the tub/shower will be washed with Clorox clean up with bleach and dish soap applied with a no abrasive sponge.

The tub, shower walls, floor and doors will be rinsed and dried after it’s cleaned.


Kitchen floors are mopped with a damp towel rolled around sponge mop and disinfectant solution and a dry towel after. Spot clean by hand areas where necessary like cabinet corners, where the vacuum won’t reach, food stuck on floor… It will vary from cleaning to cleaning. (All tile floors are cleaned the same way).

Kitchen counter tops are washed with soap, wiped clean, dried and shined. The inside of refrigerator is wiped clean as needed, stainless steel appliances are polished with stainless steel cleaner applied with a microfiber towel. The inside and out of microwave are cleaned, the crumbs from toaster ovens are removed and the inside and out of it are cleaned,clean/wash the coffee maker. Cabinet fronts are cleaned with organic degreaser solution applied with a damp microfiber towel and dried. Doors/drawers knobs are cleaned as needed. Stove tops parts are disassembled (each stove top/range is different and each one will receive the cleaning it deserves) to be washed, dried and put back. Exhauster fans will be cleaned as needed. Some of them can be disassembled to wash, others can’t. The sinks will be scrubbed, disinfected and dried, including the black rubber ring area by the disposal. Faucets will be washed, dried and shined. Eating area will be cleaned with the organic degreaser solution applied with a damp microfiber towel and dried. That includes tables, chairs and bench legs as well.

For an extra charge, the inside of oven can be cleaned and the refrigerator parts can be washed. You should tell us in advance when planning for this job.

For other services we provide such as deep cleanings, post construction, seasonal, move in and move out cleanings you can expect service above and beyond to what is described for the regular/maintenance cleaning. Tasks are done at a much deeper level, and will depend on each unique situation and need.

We understand that each individual family has different needs and preferences when coming to their home cleaning and care. We should discuss it on our estimate meeting. Our goal is to exceed your expectations!

Thank you very much for your consideration and trust.