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We exceed our customer’s expectations, with trustworthy and reliable services, close attention to details, and by listening to your opinion.

About Us

I Bring you Perfection… As a house cleaning service; we feel very strongly about PERFECTION in our services...

We are not like those other chain cleaning services. Our teams are professionaly trained to perform their cleaning duties as I would. We value our employee; they are trusted and do a terrific job, because they take pride in doing an excellent, responsible job. Each team’s progress on the job is personally reviewed.

We have gained the trust and friendship of our clients over the years, by going the extra mile, to make their homes look fantastic.

As a team, we exceed our customer’s expectations, with trustworthy and reliable services, close attention to detail, and by listening to their opinion. We care about providing a consistent, thorough cleaning with every visit.

At I Bring You Perfection, we respect our customers, their homes and their time.

Each family is different and each has different priorities that is why we discuss our customer’s wishes about how they would like for us to work around their home and their belongings; such as, how to handle fragile items or special knick-knacks. We pride ourselves in keeping open and honest communication with our customers, so they can be assured their homes are in caring, professional hands.

You can rely on I Bring You Perfection for the highest quality personalized house cleaning.

Our House Cleaning Promise To You!

We promise to deliver an extraordinary, totally personalized house cleaning service to people who appreciate a perfectly clean house, exceeding our customer’s expectations and generating a long-lasting relationship of trust and satisfaction between our company and you as our client!

We promise you 100% of our best, everytime. Our clients should be worry free about how their home is being cared for knowing that we are a part of their normal routine and not just any house cleaning service. We promise you a personal housekeeping service that delivers professional housecleaning .

We offer planet healthy products to all our customers for a natural “green” cleaned environment.

Serving Montgomery Co, MD, Northern VA & the Washington, D.C. area.

Our Services

Your home is unique as well as your needs so we make sure that we completely understand all of your specific needs when we first come to your home. That way we can customize our services to your cleaning needs.

Regular Cleaning

Maintain a consistently clean and fresh environment with our reliable regular cleaning services. Our skilled team will meticulously dust, vacuum, mop, and sanitize your space, ensuring it stays spotless week after week

Post Construction Cleaning

Construction projects can leave behind a mess. Our post-construction cleaning services are here to tackle the debris and dust, making your newly renovated or constructed space ready for use.

Deep Cleaning

Experience the transformative power of our thorough deep cleaning services. Our trained professionals will delve into every corner, eliminating dirt, grime, and hidden contaminants. Get a truly revitalized and hygienic space that radiates cleanliness.

Seasonal Cleaning

Different times of year call for different cleaning strategies. From spring cleaning and fall maintenance, to Christmas, Thanksgiving, and holidays throughout the year, discover what tasks should be done and how to make them easier.

Move In/Out Cleaning

Make your move hassle-free with our meticulous move in and move out cleaning services. Our dedicated team will clean every nook and cranny, ensuring that the space is fresh, sanitized, and ready for the next occupants. Leave a positive impression or start anew with a spotless home.

Cleaning Check List

This is a summary of what you can expect in each visit to your home. We can also discuss your need, likes and dislikes at your estimate time.
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Green Cleaning

We use a natural, chemical free all purpose cleaner called Basic H2 from Shaklee* that is safe for all surfaces and we’re happy to discuss the benefits of using “green” cleaning products in your home.
We encourage our clients, family and friends to use them as well.

Basic H2 is powerful, safe, economical and leave your house with a real clean feel to it without the heavy bleach smell behind. It is actually odorless. The product works from inside out, which means that the longer we use it to clean build up dirt the better it performs, lifting dirt and grime from the bottom up.

I started using Basic H2 in 2010 and never looked back.

Im not affiliated with Shaklee in any way. I’m just a happy customer.

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